Raditz nappa vegeta
Home Planet Planet Vegeta
Average Height Similar to humans

Diet Carnivorous
Intelligence Sapient

 Saiyans (サイヤ人 Saiya-jin) is an endangered race of humanoid aliens inhabiting the Planet Vegeta. They are naturally agressive and attacks other planets to build up their wealth. Almost all the Saiyans was destroyed by the galatic tyrant Freeza. Saiyans play a central role in the series after it is revealed that Goku , the main protagonist of the series is a saiyan.


The first part of the name Saiya is an anagram of the word  yasai (野菜) is the japaneese for vegetables and the suffix jin (人) is the japaneese suffix for person. That makes sense because of the names of all the pure-blooded saiyans are pun of vegetables.

  • Kakarot is a pun of the word carrot
  • Vegeta is the first six letters of the word vegetable.
  • Tarble is also pun on the last five letters of the word vegetable.
  • Raditz is pun of 'radish'.
  • Nappa is a form of cabbage.
  • Broly is a pun of broccoli.
  • Turles is pun of lettuce.
  • Paragus is a loose translation of aspargus

General AppearenceEdit

A Saiyan's appearance is very similar to a human, but have monkey-like tails and are quite muscular. All pure-blooded saiyans have black hair which never change from the day he was born as said by Vegeta (however both vegeta and his father was shown with dark brown hair in the begining). Saiyans also have a lot of transformation which will alter their appearance. Most saiyans are seen wearing Battle Armours, it is also their formal outfit accoding to Vegeta.