Anime Name(s) Goku


Manga Name(s) Son Gokuu


Also Called Gokuu

Son Goku

Monkey Tailed Boy

The Super Saiyan

Songo (Polish Dub)


Sex Male
Race Saiyan
Date of Birth Age 737
Date of Death Age 761 (Revived)

Age 767 (Revived)

Height 5' 9"
Weight 140 lbs
Resides in East City
Occupation Radish farmer

Martial Artist

Low Class Saiyan

Family Grandpa Gohan (Adopted Grandfather)

Bardock (Father)

Raditz (Brother)

Chi-Chi (Wife)

Ox-King (Father-in-Law)

Gohan (Son)

Goten (Son)

Videl (Daughter-in-Law)

Pan (Granddaughter)

Goku Jr (Great-Great-Grandson)

Hercule (Relative)

 Goku (孫悟空 Son Gokū) birth name Kakarot (カカロット Kakarotto) is the main protagonist of the Dragon Ball series. He is a member of the alien race called Saiyans and is one of the only three living pure blooded saiyans (Other being Vegeta and Tarble). He is married to Chi-Chi and have two children Gohan and Goten. He is named Goku by Grandpa Gohan who adopted him as his grandson.

Concept and CreationEdit

Goku's full name Son Goku is the japaneese word for Sūnwùkōng (孙悟空) which means monkey, the character Son Wukong is the main protagonist of the chineese novel Journey to the West, on whom Goku is slightly adapted. The name Goku means "Awakened to Emptiness" as the syllable 'go' meant enlightenment and 'ku' means emptiness. Goku (ごく) in japanese means 'very'. Like all pure-blooded saiyans, his saiyan birth name Kakarot is a pun of a vegetable, in his case a carrot.

Goku's appearence is slightly similar to that of Tongpoo from Adventures of Tongpoo and that of Tanton from Dragon Boy, both characters of Akira Toriyama's mangas prior to Dragon Ball.